Welcome to Priority Sports


Welcome to Priority Sports

PRIORITY SPORTS is a full service management firm, with over 25 years of experience, comprised of honest, ethical, hard-working, passionate and productive professionals who make it a point to build long lasting and meaningful relationships with our athletes.

Bottom Line

Getting to the top of your profession is extremely difficult; staying there is even tougher. The most successful people in the world surround themselves with individuals who are unconditionally committed to their success. PRIORITY SPORTS can assure you that the passion and energy we provide our players and their families will surpass your highest expectations.

In the NFL

  • PRIORITY SPORTS has been named one of the top football agencies by ESPN in each of their last five rankings.
  • PRIORITY SPORTS has the experience of representing more than 30 First Round Draft Picks.

In the NBA

  • PRIORITY SPORTS has the experience of representing more than 20 First Round Draft Picks.
  • PRIORITY SPORTS has negotiated over a BILLION dollars in contracts in the last 3 years alone.