The D-League

The NBA’s Developmental League’s deep integration with NBA franchises gives players a foundation to bridge the gap between the player’s skill set and the high level of play required of them at the NBA level, allowing players to achieve their ultimate goal. In the 2012 NBA season, 25% of NBA Rosters were comprised of D-League alums. Priority Sports and Entertainment continues to have great success in assisting their clients bridge the gap from the D-League to getting an NBA contract. Since the 2002-03 basketball season, Priority Sports has been an essential part in 33 D-League call-ups. Steve Novak (New York Knicks-4yr/$15,000,000), Mikki Moore (Sacramento Kings – 3 yr/$18,000,000), and Will Bynum (Detroit Pistons-3yr/$10,500,000) are a few notable clients who found success in the NBA after having stints in the D-League. 

Steve Novak

Will Bynum

Mikki Moore

Bobby Simmons