Priority Sports & Entertainment is on the cutting edge of NFL contract negotiations. Priority prides itself on maintaining a complete understanding of the ever-changing rules of the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement and the salary cap. Our high level of expertise has enabled us to utilize many creative concepts that have maximized our clients’ contracts.

The following are just a few examples of recently completed contracts, negotiated by Priority, that were not only lucrative but precedent setting:

ARIAN FOSTER (Houston Texans) Without negotiating a new contract for Foster, the Texans had the ability to control his contractual rights for the next three years. In spite of this, Priority Sports was able to negotiate a five year, $43.5 million deal for Foster that paid him $30 million of the deal in the first three years, an amount that is tops amongst the other elite running back contracts signed in 2012. 

HALOTI NGATA (Baltimore Ravens) The contract negotiated by Priority on behalf of Haloti made him – according to Forbes Magazine – the highest paid team-sport (NFL, NBA, MLB, & NHL) athlete in terms of salary earned in 2012. At a total value of $61 million, Ngata’s deal is the most lucrative Defensive Tackle contract in football – Ngata’s deal will pay him along the same lines as the more lucrative position of pass-rushing Defensive End.  The deal practically guarantees him $40 million, and pays him the $40 million in the first two years of the contract.

AJ HAWK (Green Bay Packers) Within days of the start of the NFL lockout that would cease player paychecks, Priority Sports negotiated a contract on AJ’s behalf that paid him $8 million of his new contract’s $11 million guaranteed dollars.  AJ’s $8 million dollar signing bonus was the largest off-season bonus paid before the NFL owners halted pay in light of the lockout.

PAUL POSLUSZNY (Jacksonville Jaguars) Most lucrative linebacker contract signed in 2011 free agency - Six-year contract worth $45 Million with $15 Million guaranteed.  Posluszny and fellow Priority Sports client AJ Hawk signed two of the most lucrative Unrestricted Free Agent linebacker contracts of the 2011 offseason.

BARRY COFIELD (Washington Redskins) While Cofield did not possess the same name recognition as some of the other 2011 defensive tackle free agents, Cofield’s $36 Million deal was the most lucrative signed by a defensive tackle in free agency. Further, his $12.5 Million guaranteed was also the most lucrative by a defensive tackle.

MICHAEL KOENEN (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) Koenen’s $19.5 Million deal was not only the most lucrative in 2011 free agency; at signing it was the most lucrative punter contract in the history of the league.

TYSON ALUALU (Jacksonville Jaguars) 10th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft - Five-year contract worth nearly $28,000,000 including over $17,000,000 in guaranteed money.

KURT WARNER (Arizona Cardinals) 2-Time NFL MVP, Super Bowl Winner & MVP - Two-year contract worth $24,000,000 with $19,000,000 guaranteed.

AJ HAWK ROOKIE CONTRACT (Green Bay Packers) 5th pick in the 2006 NFL Draft - Six-year contract worth a potential $40,000,000 with over $15,000,000 in guaranteed money.

HALOTI NGATA ROOKIE CONTRACT (Baltimore Ravens) 12th Pick in the 2006 NFL Draft - Five-year contract worth $14,000,000 with over $9,000,000 in guaranteed money.

ROBERT GALLERY ROOKIE CONTRACT (Oakland Raiders) 2nd pick in the 2004 NFL Draft - Seven-year contract worth a potential $60,000,000 with a $18,000,000 signing bonus.

TJ LANG (Green Bay Packers) A former 4th round pick who was not invited to the Scouting Combine and after only 19 career starts, Priority Sports negotiated a contract extension for Lang worth nearly $21 million.

KRIS DIELMAN (San Diego Chargers) Undrafted defensive lineman converted to offensive guard - Six-year contract worth $39,000,000 with $17,000,000 in guaranteed money over the first two years.

LUIS CASTILLO (San Diego Chargers) One of the highest paid defensive linemen in the NFL - Five-year extension worth $44,650,000 with $17,500,000 in guaranteed money.

ISAAC SOPOAGA (San Francisco 49ers) One of highest paid backups - Five-year contract worth $20,000,000 including $7,000,000 in guaranteed money.

MADIEU WILLIAMS (Minnesota Vikings) One of highest paid safeties in the NFL - Six-year contract for $33,000,000 with $12,000,000 of guaranteed money.

DOMINIC RAIOLA (Detroit Lions) Highest-paid non Pro Bowler at his position - Four-year contract extension for $20,000,000 with $9,000,000 in guaranteed money.

JAKE DELHOMME (Cleveland Browns) Pro Bowl Quarterback - Released by the Carolina Panthers in 2010, signed a 2-year deal worth $12,500,000 with the Browns during free agency. Because of contract language that was negotiated by Priority Sports in his deal with Carolina, the Panthers still had to pay him $12,700,000 in guaranteed money, bringing his 2010 salary to a total of $19,700,000.

TONY PASHOS (Jacksonville Jaguars) Fifth round draft pick - Five-year contract worth $25,000,000 with $10,000,000 in guaranteed money.

LEVI JONES (Cincinnati Bengals) 2002 1st Round Pick - Six-year contract extension worth $40,095,000 including $16,295,000 in guaranteed money.

OLIN KREUTZ (Chicago Bears) Perennial Pro Bowler - Three-year contract extension for $25,000,000 with a $9,000,000 signing bonus.

ALAN FANECA (New York Jets) Highest-paid offensive linemen in the NFL - Five-year contract worth $40,000,000 with more than $20,000,000 in guaranteed money.

KYLE KOSIER (Dallas Cowboys) One of the highest paid players ever that was never a starter as of opening day - Five-year contract for $15,000,000 with a $5,000,000 signing bonus.

Priority Sports & Entertainment has negotiated some of the largest contracts in the history of team sports! Over the past 3 years alone, we have negotiated over a BILLION dollars in contracts on behalf of our clients. The current NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement and the salary cap system is complicated, yet filled with many loopholes and opportunities that we use to benefit our clients. Priority has a proven track-record within the industry and we are committed to bring our clients continued success and security.