Cousins finally gets what he wants: a QB nook

Sep 06, 2017 | by Matthew Paras, The Washington Times

Jammed into a corner in the offices at Redskins Park, Kirk Cousins finally got what he had been asking for: his own study place.

Cousins had been displaced from time-to-time when it came to watching film and taking notes, with the quarterback having to lug his study materials to and from his townhouse near the team facility.

Now, Cousins has a monitor to watch film, whiteboards and plenty of storage space in what he calls his own “QB nook.”

“I’ve got my Jeff Foxworthy ‘You Might Be a Redneck’ peel-off calendar every day. So I got some of those fun office knick knacks, some of the stuff from Michael Scott’s desk in ‘The Office’ I put on there to be funny,” Cousins said. “We’re kinda playing up the whole office thing. It’s a good place to go to work now.”

Cousins is entering his third season as the Redskins’ starter and opens the year Sunday against a familiar foe: the Philadelphia Eagles.

The 29-year-old has a 102.9 passer rating against the Eagles and the Redskins have won five consecutive games against Philadelphia. Still last year, Cousins threw a pick-six in both Eagles games.