Draft Sleepers #2 "The Tasmanian Devil" Phillip Lindsay RB Colorado

Apr 10, 2018 | by Superhuman, SB Nation

Remember when Rex Ryan put Danny Woodhead on waivers so he could get an extra nose tackle for the game and the New England Patriots signed him? I was so pissed; we never could replace what Woodhead could do. Well, meet the Danny Woodhead Clone; AKA the Tasmanian Devil or better known as Phillip Lindsay.

Lindsay stands a mere 5' 8" and weighs 190 lbs very similar to someone we know. He is the all-time leader in yards from scrimmage in Colorado football history. He played sparingly his first two years but still had 3775 yards rushing and 117 receptions. He ran 4.39 at his pro day (he wasn't invited to the combine) and did 14 reps at 225 lbs.

What is amazing is his boundless energy and the respect his teammates had for him.

These are actual teammate quotes

"He is beyond special"

"One of the toughest dudes I know"

"The guy is just a warrior"

"He is what this game is all about"

Lindsay is a tough player who was a do-it-all player for the Buffalo's. He ran inside and outside with 765 career attempts , he wasn't some gadget guy; he was the offense. An emotional player and team leader Lindsay had a frenetic running style and is a tough tackle, picks his way through the defense, getting "lost among the trees" so to speak.

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