The Football Fever: A.J. Hawk's most interesting post-retirement gig

May 16, 2017 | by Clay Hall, Fox 28

A.J. Hawk will surprise you.

Hawk became certified to officiate weddings nearly nine years ago and performs that task for former teammates. He's already done a wedding for a former Packers teammate and two years ago wed former OSU teammate Rory Nicol and the former Amy Halpin, an aide to Head Football Coach Urban Meyer.

"As I started doing the research you realize you can't mess this up," Hawk told ABC 6/FOX 28. "I began to understand the magnitude. It's your wedding and hopefully you're only one."

Meyer attended the Halpin-Nicol wedding and said "you could tell it was early in his refereeing career, but he did a great job."

Hawk left the NFL as the Green Bay Packers leading tackler. And now he's tying knots.