Get to Know: Michael Porter Jr.

May 30, 2018 | by Jordan Ramirez,

"I know without a doubt that I'm the — I played against all these guys, they're all great players — but I'm the best player in this draft," Michael Porter Jr. said to ESPN at the NBA Combine. "And I just can't wait to show what I'm capable of."

It takes a special level of confidence and swagger to declare yourself the best prospect in the draft coming off back surgery. Porter Jr. was the top high school recruit in the country before committing to play with his brother Jontay at Missouri. Just two minutes into his college career, an injury changed everything.

The 6'10” forward from Colombia, MO is projected to be a lottery pick despite the medical concerns. Draft experts have him projected anywhere from the No. 5 pick to the No. 15 pick in latest mocks.

His risky Draft status lies mainly in his injury concerns as Porter possesses elite size, athleticism and brings with him a 7’0” wingspan. He has the offensive skills to dominate on offense at the forward spot, with the physical tools to be a force on both ends.

His shooting mechanics are solid despite the 33 percent field goal percentage in those three games. While technically looking sound, Porter Jr.’s condition was clearly not up to par when he returned. Many believed he shouldn’t have returned at all.

Where Porter Jr. gets drafted, the system he inherits and how he looks physically will be incredibly intriguing as his career continues. It’s clear he has the gifts to be an All-Star, but will previous injuries hamper him back from his full potential? We’ll find out.

Best Quote:

"I hurt my back sophomore year of high school going up for a dunk; the guy kind of undercut me, fell on my back," Porter Jr. said at the NBA Combine. "I tried to play the next day. I should have just rested. All that compensation [for the injury] in the gym just [made it] worse and worse. When I had to have the surgery, I kind of just viewed it as a blessing, like a new start, like I could really reach my full potential. [Experts] had me as the No. 1 player in high school, but I didn't even feel like I was at 100 percent. But I do now, so I'm just excited to show everybody the player that I am, and I'm still the best player."

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