Getting To Know: Tyson Alualu

Jul 06, 2017 | by Teresa Varley,

Who is your football mentor or inspiration?
For me growing up I would have to say it was my uncle, Tupu Alualu, who played back in Hawaii at the same high school I went to. He went to Oregon and then transferred back to the University of Hawaii. Our family going to his games, supporting him, seeing him do well himself, that definitely inspired me to do the same.  

What motivates you?
The main thing is my faith and my family. My faith gives me purpose in what I do in life and that drives me. My family, always thinking about them, I always want to do better for them and represent them well whether it’s on the field or in the community.

What is your approach to football?
 I always try to do things the right way. I want to give it everything I’ve got when I am out there. I try to be tough, play through adversity, because you always have to face that. Just having a strong mind to push through things.

Why do you play football?
I play football because I love the game. I started when I was in the third grade. That competitiveness and the bond you have with your teammates, the camaraderie is something you don’t really get elsewhere. You learn to love the sport and you always have to work to get better and that drives me to play.  

What is your proudest football moment or memory?
That is a tough one. There are a lot of proud moments. I guess the one that stands out the most is just being drafted. It started off as a dream as kid, and to hear your name get called on draft day, it’s a day I will never forget. It shows that hard work does pay off and things are possible.

When you hear Steelers, what do you think?
Hard-nosed football. Coming down hill. As a defensive lineman you think of double-teams and that toughness that goes with it because of the history and tradition here.