Larry Nance Jr. enjoys being a playmaker for Cavaliers

Nov 27, 2018 | by DJ Siddiqi,

Larry Nance Jr. sure loves being a Cleveland Cavalier.

By the end of the Cavaliers' 102-95 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday night, Nance posted a near triple-double stat line of 12 points, eight rebounds and seven assists. It was an all-around performance by a guy not exactly known for his scoring ability or playmaking traits.

Following one of Nance's best all-around games since entering the NBA in 2015, the 25-year-old big man commented on why he displayed an all-around prowess versus the T-Wolves last night.

The Cavaliers had 24 total assists in the loss. To put that into perspective, Cleveland is averaging just 19.6 assists per game on the season, which is the second-worst mark in the league. If they were to average 24.0 assists per game, they would rank 14th in the league. While that's not impressive, that would put them around the league average, which would do wonders for an offense that ranks 27th in scoring.

We all know that the Cavaliers have many weaknesses, but they need as many playmakers as possible. Even though Collin Sexton is playing well, he has yet to illustrate that he can make his teammates better. Sexton is averaging just 2.5 assists per game and he has to eclipse more than five assists in a single game this season.

Considering Nance is not asked to do too much in the first place, the Cavs would welcome Nance's passing ability as a way of freeing things up on offense.

Having more playmakers in the lineup will only lead to more scoring opportunities for the rest of the Cavaliers.

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