Milwaukee, Let’s Ride

Feb 02, 2018 | by Jabari Parker, The Players' Tribune

I'm driving.

When I close my eyes, that’s where I am. I’m somewhere on the road, in Milwaukee, and I’m driving. I’m by myself, cruising, not really going any place in particular. It’s dark out and I’m going through Bay View, the neighborhood not far from where I live. When you see the neon lights and the vintage vibe, you know you’re there. I’m on Kinnickinnic Street — a long, smooth strip where the red lights are spaced out just right. I’m merging onto 794, onto the interstate, to let the engine work a little bit. I’m not in any kind of rush, just turning where I feel like. After some amount of time — it depends, half an hour, sometimes an hour — I’m back home, pulling up to the garage.

That’s what comes to mind, when I think about the last few months — I’m driving. I did a lot of that, to pass the time … to just be with my thoughts.

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