Ronny Turiaf and his Heart to Heart Foundation to unveil Empowerment Center

Jun 24, 2014 | by

On Wednesday, June 25th, Minnesota Timberwolves center Ronny Turiaf will unveil a local Empowerment Center at the Community Coalition Center in South Los Angeles through his Heart to Heart Foundation.

Turiaf is committed to creating a platform for the success of others. He understands the value of being a professional athlete and the responsibility that comes with it. As such, he is committed to not only giving back to the community, but also creating a legacy that carries on and inspires others. He has made a commitment to create a number of empowerment centers and is excited to reveal the very first one in Los Angeles. There will be two more opened up this year.

The goal is to create a place that kids, teens, and young adults can go to to engage in positive activities, learn leadership skills, study, and learn about healthy living, nutrition, and heart health. This center is a place where kids and teens are encouraged to interact with one another and create relationships that are free of racism and discrimination. We are making an effort to educate and end the ignorance of racism.

The ribbon cutting and program will begin at 11 am at 8101 S. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90044. Emceed by VH1 actress and celebrity host Jessica Kinni, there will be a number of guest speakers including a representative from the Community Coalition, the American Heart Association, as well as Ronny. With teen students in attendance, Ronny will speak about his journey as well as his faith in believing in your dreams. By educating our youth we are creating leaders of tomorrow.

For more information about Ronny Turiaf and the Heart to Heart Foundation, visit For more information about the event, or to schedule an interview, please call Jerica at (972) 322-5244 or email

The event was a huge success! After officially opening the new Empowerment Center, Ronny was understandably excited. "Today I watched a vision that I had turn into a reality! Creating a place for people to become empowered and develop their leadership skills is something I'm very proud of! This is how we can all begin our legacies," said Turiaf.