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Another Year Concludes for David Lee's Camp

Aug 12, 2012 | by Tom Auchterlonie, Chappaqua-MountKisco Patch
Another Year Concludes for David Lee's Camp

NBA star David Lee concluded his annual Chappaqua basketball camp on Friday, wrapping up another summer that gave more than a hundred kids a chance to hone in on their skills.

“We’ve really enjoyed it," said Lee, who plays for the Golden State Warriors. Lee finished his fifth year with the camp, having started when he previously played for the New ...

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David Lee Is Most Underrated Player in the NBA Today

Feb 21, 2012 | by Talal Elmasry

Buried in the later paragraphs of most stories. Hidden behind flashier but less-productive stars.

That’s where you’ll find Golden State power forward David Lee, who has inexplicably turned 20 points and 10 rebounds a night into an afterthought.

Even after a stellar but all-too-common night in which Lee notched 24 points and 13 rebounds (his ninth 20/10 night of the year), the ...

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